January 2, 2009

The "toying" with the rich hot shots has begun. . . . . revenge is a dish best served cold

On November 25, I wrote what was probably the most frightening opinion piece I had ever done, cautioning the big shots in the business world that "Bloodshed and Death is coming to American Businesses."

In that piece, I outlined legitimate grievances that American workers - specifically White, middle aged workers - have with businesses and speculated that those grievances would escalate into bloodshed.

Two weeks later, the bloodshed began, albeit in Canada, when a laid off worker gunned down the CEO that let him go (Story Here).

Around the same time as the Canadian worker killed his boss, the Bernard Madoff $50 billion ponzi scheme came to light. I was stunned that a guy who admitted swindling people out of $50 billion was allowed by a Court to stay in his $7 million apartment and even go out in the day time. I observed that anyone else would be sitting their rear end in a jail cell at Riker's Island, but because Madoff was a rich fellow from the Oy Vey crowd, he was getting special treatment.

I then suggested the special treatment he really deserved was "vigilante" treatment.

Less than 24 hours later, the court changed Madoff's bail conditions, requiring him to stay INSIDE his $7 million apartment and - - - - - most peculiar --- he was ordered to hire a security company to protect him! Yes, you read that right. The court ordered Madoff to pay a security company to protect Madoff!! I guess my vigilante statement hit home.

Slightly less than a month has gone by since Madoff was arrested and the story of his $50 billion swindle hit the headlines. Low and behold, a tiny bit of vigilantism has now struck: A statue stolen last month from Madoff's Florida home has been returned undamaged, and with a note attached, to a country club where the accused swindler is a member, Palm Beach police said on Thursday.

The attached note read: "Bernie the Swindler, Lesson: Return stolen property to rightful owners. Signed by The Educators," according to police.

"We don't know who that is," Sgt. Chris Proscia told Reuters. "We think it was done just to prove a point."

Yes, it was done to prove a point; two points, actually:
1) Return what he stole and;
2) We know where you live and we can get to you and your stuff anytime we want.

Think of it as a cat, toying with a mouse before it finishes the rodent. Or a shark, circling its prey before it dines. That's what the statue incident with Madoff represents.

You bankers, business hot shots and elected officials that have screwed this country up already know what the end of the Madoff story - and YOUR stories - will be. So do we.

We just decided that before the end, it might be fun to toy around with you before we finish the job.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.