January 2, 2009

Israel Targets Hamas Officials; Is the reverse now OK?

West Bank & Gaza Strip, Palestine -- The Israeli government has ordered its military to attack, bomb or otherwise kill elected officials from the Hamas party that are presently holding elected office in the occupied territories.

Israel claims that Hamas is a terrorist organization even though their political party won a free and democratic election.

This strategy by Israel is interesting and begs a question (with my tongue planted firmly in the side of my cheek) :

If it is OK for Jews in Israel to bomb and kill Palestinian politicians whom they dislike, does that work in reverse? Is it OK for Palestinians to intentionally target and bomb Jewish politicians that Palestinians dislike?

Since we here in the United States are quick to jump on the Israeli bandwagon for most other things political, maybe we should jump on the Israeli bandwagon with this strategy too?

(Uh Oh, it seems my tongue is now stuck in the side of my cheek. . . . . . . .)

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it! I would LOVE to blow up my US Senator, Frank Lautenberg! And how about the loudmouth senator from nearby New York City -- Chuck Schumer -- or the two Jewesses from California, Barbara Boxer and the hideously ugly Diane Feinstein? Who would pass-up the chance to bomb that crew straight to hell?

We could make a game show out of it and put it on TV at night! I can see it now. . . . .Reality TV: . . . . . . . it time to watch "Political Bombshell. . . . . where politicos YOU don't like, get bombed!!"

Oh heck, that's too limited. Since I think the entire Democrat Party is a terrorist organization, maybe we could expand the Israeli idea and apply it to whole political parties? No, wait. Since Republicans are usually avid gun owners and Democrats usually hate guns, we'd probably only get a half TV season out of the supply of Democrats.

OK, here's a better idea. . . . . We could teach new games to our kids. . . . instead of playing cowboys and indians, they could play Gentiles and Jews. . . . . or my personal favorite: Nazis and Jews! Ahhhh, forget that, how about VIDEO GAMES? The possibilities are endless!

Israel may really be onto something with their strategy. After all, if bombing politicians they dislike is OK for the Jews, it must be OK for everyone else!