January 2, 2009

NJ Fireman KILLED in the line of duty after illegal alien starts fire to keep warm

Elizabeth, NJ -- A 57 yer old fireman from Elizabeth, NJ was killed this morning at the scene of an arson fire started by an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Gary Stephens, a 28 year veteran of the fire department was was among the firefighters responding to a house fire at around 2 AM this morning. He was helping direct the fire truck while it was backing up when he was struck, run over and crushed by the truck. Apparently, the driver of the fire truck took his eyes off Stephens to look at the fire.

Emilio Vasquez, 19, is charged with arson and murder for allegedly starting the fire. Vasquez, a homeless man from Guatemala, allegedly broke into the home and started the fire to stay warm, police said.

Once again, an illegal alien has cost the life of a hard-working, decent, American. It is time to start making life very miserable for illegal aliens and since Elizabeth, NJ is just 15 minutes from my house, I intend to spearhead such an effort in that city.

It has been five months since I canceled my talk radio show, took down my web site an stopped my public event activities. This horror, perpetrated so close to where I live, is motivating me to step back into the fray.

I know some jail guards where this guy is being held. Don't be surprised if he . . . . . . hangs himself in his jail cell.