January 2, 2009


West bank and Gaza Strip -- This morning, I received UNCONFIRMED information that a Biological weapon had been shipped by a nation-state into the hands of Palestinians inside Israel. The report claimed the bio-weapon had already been used and that an incubation period had begun. That information was NOT COMPLETELY ACCURATE so I pulled the story.

I can now CONFIRM the following: Hamas obtained intelligence reports that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) was / is planning an artillery barrage of Gaza and the West Bank starting tonight. Their intelligence also says the IDF will use "powdered nukes" in that attack.

Powdered nukes are NOT nuclear bombs, but rather 'Dirty bombs;" wherein a radioactive powder is loaded into a normal explosive charge inside an artillery shell. In this case, they will be 155 mm shells fired by Sholef artillery units.

When the shell hits its target and explodes, the radioactive dust will be spread over a wide area causing radiation sickness and death over several days. The contamination will make vast areas inside the West Bank and Gaza strip uninhabitable for years.

I can now also CONFIRM that in the event the IDF actually uses powdered nuclear material in an artillery attack, the people being attacked will retaliate with a biological weapon which they do, in fact, now possess.

I was told that Hamas will NOT attack first using such weapons of mass destruction but will only respond with such weapons if they are attacked with such weapons first.

I can also CONFIRM that the bio-weapon is not located inside either the West Bank or Gaza, but is in a place where it can be used against Israeli citizens upon a moments notice.

Thanks for your patience with this important breaking news. I apologize for allowing something inaccurate to be published this morning, but the story is so important and the situation so dynamic that I felt that getting something out as "unconfirmed" was better than sitting on the story until I could get better info.