January 18, 2009

Newspaper: Kill Geese to prevent another air tragedy; Hal Turner: use the same logic with illegal aliens!

New York City -- After a flock of geese collided with a US Airways flight causing the jet to crash into the Hudson River, the New York Post is suggesting the geese be "rounded up or killed" to prevent possible future deaths and injuries. I like the idea.

In fact, I have suggested this very same approach for another type of danger which has caused far more Americans serious injuries and death: Illegal aliens. I say, round them up or kill them!

It simply amazes me how the New York Post can suggest wiping out a slew of geese on the off chance they MIGHT encounter another aircraft and MIGHT cause injuries or death when illegal aliens HAVE IN FACT caused countless injuries and countless deaths.

Why stop at getting rid of geese? Why not round up or kill illegal aliens? I advocate rounding up or killing illegal aliens.

New York Post Story