January 17, 2009

Head games prove Democrats are REALLY Stupid!

It's so much fun being me. I get 20,000-50,000 visitors to this blog each and every day, most of whom agree with me but a considerable portion of whom disagree vehemently. It is those who disagree that afford me the most fun.

For instance, a few days ago, I posted my "dream" for the Inauguration of the new HNIC (Head Nigger In Charge) wherein I posted some photos of remote controlled model predator drones and a video of some guys letting balloons loose. That posting raised some eyebrows and begot a few calls to the FBI and Secret Service - both agencies that routinely view this blog as a matter of their regular activities.

The "Dream" posting also generated hundreds of e-mails to me.

So yesterday, I publicly responded to those several hundred e-mails and that public response begot an outright deluge of calls to the FBI and Secret Service. The feds got so many calls about me yesterday and today that as soon as any caller mentioned Hal Turner, they cut the caller off by saying "We already know about Hal Turner" and then hung up on them!

Ya gotta love it.

Let's talk for a moment about the public answer I made and why it sent the liberals, lefties, Marxists and other human trash off the deep end.

Firstly, they went off the deep end because the overwhelming majority of them are stupid; which is probably why they're Democrats in the first place.

When I say "stupid" I don't mean ignorant; I mean just plain stupid. They lack even the most rudimentary reading comprehension skills, they are totally incapable of critical thinking, they are utterly devoid of any logic whatsoever and are so emotion-driven they cannot control themselves. Here's proof:

My posting dealt with e-mails that I received. E-mails. Are ya with me so far?

I reported to you that many of the e-mails "screamed about killing innocent people" and I then went on to offer my views on why no one attending the Inauguration is innocent. Simple enough, right? Nope. Not for the Dimwit Democrats.

They inferred from my statements that somehow or other, I was going to kill innocent people. I never said any such thing, but that tiny little fact never got in their way.

I went on to opine as to why Inaugural attendees weren't innocent, then tweaked the readers with smarmy lines about "the name Hal Turner will live in infamy" (as if it doesn't already) and how "I did what had to be done." Blah Blah Blah.

Needless to say, the phone lines at FBI and Secret Service lit up like crazy. The poor slobs at those agencies must truly hate me by now. You see, having investigated me for the last eight years, those agencies know everything there is to know about me. They also know that I write very carefully and, when a thinking person reads what I actually write, there is nothing illegal or threatening about any of it.

Such is the case with my public reply to the e-mails. Not one iota of illegality. Not one threat. Just innuendo and psychological ploys to toy with the fools out there in cyberspace.

Which brings me back to the dimwit democrats. It is so very much fun watching them flail all over themselves, running like cry babies to the feds.

The best part: all their calls accomplished nothing. The feds didn't even bother to send anyone to speak to me about what I wrote! You see, THEY actually read and understood what I ACTUALLY wrote. You dimwits who inferred some ulterior meaning would do well to head back to 6th grade and work on your reading comprehension skills!

Head games. I play them better than anyone and the dimwit democrats fall for them every time.

Yeeee Haaaaa and hail to the chimp.

---------- P.S. Dimwit Dems shouldn't feel bad; I did the same thing to US Airways today. I called their reservations line and told them I was taking a trip but needed to know how much the air fare would be. They said they'd be happy to tell me and asked where I was flying from. I replied LaGuardia Airport in NYC. Then they asked, "Where do you want to fly to?" and I replied West 48th Street and the Hudson River.

-------------------------- silence --------------------------- then: