January 24, 2009

This woman's ideology has the blood of her own husband on her hands

Nassau County, NY -- Take a look at the face of vicious evil:
Looks harmless doesn't she? But she is anything but harmless. This woman is a dangerous extremist.

Her distorted beliefs are responsible for the murder of her own husband and brutal, violent attacks against many other New Yorkers. Her name is Carolyn McCarthy and she represents a clear and present danger to you and to your family.

The woman's rein of evil was created in 1993 when Colin Fergusen opened fire on a Long Island Railroad passenger train, killing 6 and wounding 19. One of those killed was McCarthy's husband.

The reason he and five others got killed was because under New York's strict gun laws, none of them were allowed to carry a gun to defend themselves. That's exactly how Carolyn McCarthy wants it!

After her husband was murdered, Carolyn politically-pimped her husband's death to get herself elected to Congress. She portrayed herself as the grieving widow that no one would dare stand-up to for fear of being viewed as cruel. For ten years she's gotten away with pimping off her husband's death. It's time for this pimp to get confronted.

In the years since the murder of her defenseless husband, Carolyn McCarthy has worked to make sure that none of YOU can defend yourselves either. She's become mentally obsessed with guns instead of with the criminals who misuse them.

Despite the fact that 38 other states allow law-abiding citizens to obtain permits to carry defensive weapons, McCarthy has ardently worked to keep law-abiding citizens disarmed. Her beliefs make us all easy prey for violent and deranged people.

Recognizing that her beliefs have cost lives, Governor David Patterson passed-over McCarthy when deciding who to appoint to fill the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Instead, Patterson appointed pro-self-defense Congresswoman Gillibrandt to fill Hillary's Senate seat.

When McCarthy found out that a pro-self-defense Democrat was selected, she became unhinged; vowing to disrupt the Democrat Party and oust the newest Democrat US Senator! Sacrificing her own husband wasn't enough, now she wants to destroy her own Democrat Senator!

It is time that Carolyn McCarthy realize her ideas get people killed. It is time she stopped interfering with the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. It is time for Carolyn McCarthy to get mental counseling for her obsession with guns and stop making all of us potential victims.

Carolyn, your ideas got your husband killed. Your ideas have gotten countless others beaten and killed. The rest of us don't want to end up the same way.

Dump Carolyn McCarthy!