January 25, 2009

A Tyrant in Garrison, NY

Garrison, NY -- Within the quiet little town of Garrison, NY resides a vicious tyrant who ignores the letter and spirit of the US Constitution and who is presently abusing a U.S. Citizen far worse than anything done to the founders by King George III.

The tyrant's name is Loretta A. Preska and she is a federal Judge. Here's what she looks like:
This judicial sleaze is currently perpetrating crimes against the US Constitution. She is a clear and present danger to liberty and it is time she is confronted.

The background:

A U.S. citizen, studying for his Masters Degree at a prestigious school in London, England, was approached by a friend who asked a favor. The friend had boxes of raincoats, ponchos and waterproof socks that he needed to store somewhere, but didn't have enough room at his own apartment.

The friend asked the American student if some of the boxes of raincoats, ponchos and waterproof socks could be stored in his apartment for a while. The American agreed.

Storing raincoats doesn't seem like a big deal, right? WRONG.

According to the US government, those raincoats, ponchos and waterproof socks ended up in Afghanistan, on the backs of people fighting the US invasion.

The raincoats suddenly became "material support for terrorists" and in the ensuing investigation, it came out that our fellow American student stored those coats.

Even though the American had no idea at all what the raincoats would be used for, the American student was charged with conspiracy to aid a terrorist group. . . . . . Over raincoats!!!

The student was extradited back to the US and that's when things got really bad. You see, under the US Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty. The Constitution guarantees that excessive bail shall not be required and that a person will not be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment. Judge Preska is violating ALL of those Constitutional provisions!

According to Judge Preska, the American student must stay in solitary confinement, under conditions reserved for the most dangerous inmates, while awaiting trial. Under his special prison conditions, the American citizen cannot communicate, share a cell or worship with fellow inmates. Any newspapers are delivered with a 30-day delay. He is not permitted to listen to radio or television news programs, and only his attorneys and close relatives can visit him.
The government claims these conditions are necessary to prevent the American student from sending terrorism messages to others. Oh really?

How does watching television or listening to the radio have anything to do with sending messages to others? How does delaying newspapers 30 days have anything to do with sending messages to others? The simple answer is, they don't have anything to do with sending messages to others. This is cruel and unusual punishment being inflicted on a man who is still innocent until proven guilty.

The guy didn't hurt anyone. He stored raincoats, ponchos and socks for Christs sake!

All these things are being done to this American student on account of Judge Preska. I think this Judge is a tyrant who deserves to find herself on the ash heap of history.

I think it is time that we other American citizens show, by actions, that we disapprove of our fellow citizen being abused by this Judge. It is time to heap scorn upon this Judge.

I think it is time to isolate and cut off Loretta A. Preska from the community. Shun her. Shun her family. Don't talk to them. Don't socialize with her. Don't do business with her. Tell her she is not welcome in your home. Tell her to take her business elsewhere. Tell her she is not welcome in your social group or church. If she wants to know why you're doing this, tell her "Because you are a tyrant."

This woman is trampling the US Constitution; trampling the civil rights of an American citizen. If she gets away with doing this to one citizen, she may do it to . . . . . . you.

Perhaps, when this judge finds herself totally outcast from society, she will start obeying the Constitution again.

Our nation repudiated these extremist measures when it elected Barack Obama. These types of draconian, un-American "legal" activities are to stop. It is time for the Judiciary to acknowledge this fact.

If Judge Preska fails to start obeying the Constitution, she would do well to remember what happened to another federal Judge that I chose to heap scorn upon: US District Court Judge Joan Humphrey-Lefkow in Chicago. After I heaped scorn upon her, someone went to her house and gunned down her family.

It would be one thing if these terrible abuses were being heaped upon a non-citizen. But it is quite another when the abuses are being heaped upon an American; An American who is innocent until proved guilty.

Oh, and you guys in the U.S. attorney's office who are prosecuting this American and you folks inside the jail where this American is being abused; You're next.

I've obtained the Judges home address and I'll have yours shortly. I am going to bring severe public scorn upon you - where you live - for your active cooperation in these unconstitutional abuses. I will not stop until you are either personally ruined or you cease your unconstitutional activities.

A lot of you government people seem to think you can do anything you want and not be accountable for it. You're about to find out how wrong you are.

Oh and if you dare try to do anything at all about MY freedom of speech in undertaking these activities, be warned: I will enforce my First Amendment freedom by making swift and effective use of my Second Amendment freedom. The only thing you have to ask yourselves is whether or not you're willing to be on the wrong end of the Second Amendment when my finger is on the trigger. Be assured that I will not hesitate for even a fraction of a second to defend my freedom.

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047

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