February 15, 2009

About "The Kingdom" - movie on Terrorists in Saudi Arabia

My family and I watched "The Kingdom" on TiVO tonight. Action-packed, kept my attention, good story line, lots of interesting sub-plots . . . . .THEN . . . . . . the Jew manipulation became instantly clear and this is something I want to point out to every Christian and every Muslim.

The long and short of the movie is how Islamic "terrorists" in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are (blah blah blah) the most militant and presumably the most dangerous and how poor innocent Americans are being victimized by these allegedly blood-thirsty villains.

The movie follows an FBI team sent to the Kingdom to investigate a vicious attack upon American civilians and how the FBI runs smack into politics, religion, cultural differences, complex religious affiliations and how their efforts to investigate and arrest the terrorists are stymied at almost every turn.

In the initial scenes an American enclave is brutally attacked and 100 Americans including several FBI agents stationed there are killed. The wife/ girlfriend of one of the dead agents is at FBI HQ in Washington and gets the news during a briefing. She breaks down and cries but the lead agent goes over and whispers something in her ear. Upon hearing what was said, the wife/girlfriend stops crying almost instantly. Remember this tidbit for later.

One of the major story lines is about a guy named Abu Hamza or something like that, who masterminds and coordinates these vicious attacks and how the guy is like a ghost; always around to see his plans carried out, but never caught.

Toward the end of the movie, the FBI investigative motorcade is attacked, an agent is kidnapped, a massive firefight erupts and the agents along with a dedicated Saudi policeman engage in a high speed pursuit of the kidnappers and their FBI-Agent-Hostage.

The high speed chase leads right into the lions den; an entire neighborhood filled with people who hate America, hate the West, are armed to the teeth and engage the FBI / Saudi cop in a spectacular firefight. The chase and the firefight go on foot into an apartment complex.

Long story short, the FBI agents and Saudi cop rescue the kidnapped agent seconds before his head is curt off in front of a video camera and, while calming a family inside the apartment complex, they come upon an old man who is sitting on his hand.

The Saudi cop remembers something an informant told him "All bomb makers suffer from the mistakes of their trade" meaning they lose fingers and such. The Saudi cop looks into the old man's eyes wonders to himself why the guy is sitting on his hand and offers to help him get up off the couch. The Saudi cop extends his hand, the old man takes out his own a stump of a hand and upon seeing that, the Saudi cop realizes he's in the presence of Abu Hamza, the terrorist/bomber mastermind.

With that, a young Muslim comes out shooting and the Saudi cop is shot in the neck, unable to speak. After yet another firefight, the old man and his few remaining supporters are shot. As the old man is dying he is whispering something to his very young (maybe 11 years old) grandson.

In the closing scenes, one FBI Agent asks the lead agent what he whispered to the dead agents wife/girlfriend to make her stop crying and the lead Agent replies "Don't worry, we'll kill them all." The scene then switches back to Saudi Arabia and the mother of the Grandson asks him "What did you grandfather (Abu Hamza) say to you before he died?" and the kid replies "Fear not my child, we will kill them all."

THAT was the massive jew maniuplation.

Every Christian walking out of a movie theater would be left with that fear; that every Muslim plans on killing all of us and every Muslim would walk out of theaters believing every Christian plans to do the same to every Muslim.

Here's where the Jew is so masterfully dangerous.


Christians. (Jews absolutely hate Jesus Christ, their Talmud to this day teaches that he is in Hell, boiling in hot semen.) and; Muslims. (Jews know they are willing to fight to the death to defend Islam.)

The Jews know they cannot defeat Christians or Muslims so. . . . . . .
they HAVE to get Christians and Muslims to attack each other and kill each other.

THAT is the goal of the Jew. THAT is the goal of their Hollywood propaganda movies like "The Kingdom" and THAT is the goal of the news media -- owned staffed and managed by Jews as they go about their daily lives.

Only one thing can get in the way: If Christians and Muslims wake up and realize that both sides are being played; both sides are being manipulated AND, both sides have the same enemy!

I just thought it worthy to point this out.

See the movie, if for no other reason than to see this manipulation in all its brutal subtlety.