February 17, 2009

Just when I think I'm out. . . . . they drag me back in!

The Liberals are REALLY out for my blood. Apparently my talk about the pending second American Revolution and getting rid of the people who wrecked the country has them up in arms.

One of these imbeciles is so fixated on me for the last week or so that he insists I must be arrested by Homeland Security or the FBI or . . . . or. . . . . or. . . . . .SOMEBODY!!!!!! It seems to frustrate his child-like-intellect to no end that the agencies he mentions cannot arrest me because I haven't broken the law.

He then points to several of his wacko compatriots who have ended up in handcuffs for, what he says are far less transgressions than anything I've done, and wonders aloud why I am not in jail. The reason his fellow lefties got arrested and jailed in the first place is because unlike me, they are stupid.

Ya see, "the law" will do to a person, whatever they can get away with. It's the arrogance of power that causes such things.

But when it comes to a guy like me, three (3) key things prevent my arrest:
1) I know the law, having spent a fortune on legal research to make certain I never got jammed up, AND;

2) The cops know that I don't make bombs, I make bombers. As such, law enforcement has a well-founded concern that if they tried to jam me up for something I SAID, they would probably unleash a whole slew of Timothy McVeigh types, most of whom read this blog, tuned in to my radio show for the eight years it aired and are willing to blow up buildings to retaliate for me, AND;

3) They remember the "Clean Harry" situation in central New Jersey a couple years ago. Clean Harry posted a comment on my blog that caused the Secret Service to investigate him. They came and left. . . . . but returned to Clean Harry's house with a Search Warrant a few days later.

Clean Harry called me and within an hour, me and five or six carloads of guys with guns headed down toward Clean Harry's house. The feds found out we were on the way and the Secret Service tucked tail and left!

While Liberals protest, beat drums, carry signs and maybe once in awhile riot, MY kind of supporter rushes tumultuously to arms and heads out for a gun fight.

Anyway, I've never been one to run from a fight and with these child-like ninnies pushing for my arrest, I simply cannot walk away. I have to step-up ------ and I am.

There is a little problem though. Now that a particular dingbat from Hudson, MA has annoyed me sufficiently, I have to annoy him back. So I'll be reaching out to some of my Nazi Skinheads, Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan friends and put together a . . . . . . field trip . . . . to Massachusetts. This ought to be fun.

We'll take pics to circulate after its "done." In the meantime, this blog remains.

Oh, and the home addresses I promised to publish of the 246 members of the US House who betrayed America, will be published via a file sharing site and public newsgroups later this week.