March 17, 2009

AIG Posts armed guards as public anger swells to death threats

Wilton & Stamford, CT -- AIG Financial Products, Inc., the folks responsible for financially destroying insurance giant AIG, have posted armed guards outside their offices in Wilton and Stamford, CT after public anger became a little too uncomfortable for them.

Apparently, the general public is really angry that $165 Million in bonuses is to be paid to the very people who wrecked the company. These financial gurus wrecked the company so badly it needed $170 BILLION in taxpayer bailout funds just to survive.

The company says its employees are receiving death threats. Awwwwwwwwww.

The company says the bonuses are part of employment contracts. That may be, but from my own first hand, personal experience as a Divisional Sales Manager for a subsidiary of Roadway Services and later as Regional Sales Manager for North American Van Lines, bonuses are payable based upon performance.

It can hardly be said that these AIG people performed well when their division lost so much money it took the entire company out.

Now that the public is footing the bill, the public seems to agree with my thinking and is making its feelings known.

Maybe someone should just put it to AIG Financial Services plainly: What good will all that bonus money be if you get killed for taking it? Yea. I just asked that!

I think it would be right and proper to go to AIG Financial Products with a whole bunch of rope, grab the sons of bitches by the scruff of the neck, drag them out of their offices and LYNCH THEM. It may not be legal, but the law isn't doing anything to these scumbags so maybe its time for VIGILANTE justice! But hey, that's just my opinion.

In case any of you are interested, below are the locations of AIG Financial Products offices: employees at:

50 Danbury Rd
Wilton, CT 06897 Map

  • (203) 222-4700
And their other facility located at:

700 Canal St
Stamford, CT 06902 Map

  • (203) 328-3777

If the offices are too heavily guarded, then I would laugh if people decided to lay in wait outside the offices until employees leave to go home and do what needs to be done when they aren't protected.

In my opinion these people deserve to be physically beaten. They deserve to have their skulls cracked open with a baseball bat! Again, just my opinion.

Maybe if someone makes an example out of these sons of bitches, the rest of the financial community will FINALLY understand there are consequences for their actions.

You know, folks, that last item "consequences for their actions" is at the very core of many of our social, cultural political and judicial problems. People in positions of authority or trust go off and do something that has hugely negative effects on innocent people and get away with it. There are no consequences. Hence, they think they're untouchable. They're wrong.

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