March 17, 2009

What Gall! Rabbi tells Pope "Don't wear Crucifix when visiting Western Wall in Israel" -- says Crosses "hurt Jewish feelings"

Jerusalem -- In an unprecedented act of "chutzpah" a Rabbi at the Western Wall in Israel has told the Vatican that The Pope should NOT wear a crucifix when he visits later this year.

According to the jew, "Crosses hurt Jewish feelings." Of course they do. Crosses represent a reminder that Almighty God Himself tore down their "religion" by sending The Christ and forming the new Christian Church.

Christians are pro-Christ, jews are anti-Christ. It's that simple and the jews prove it almost everyday with their obnoxious behavior.

Jewish behavior beget hate of Jews. You'd think after 5,000 years of being thrown out of virtually every country on earth, jews would get the message, wise-up and change their behavior. They don't.

This speaks to their character - or more accurately, the lack thereof.

Then again, what should we expect from a group of people that Jesus called "a den of vipers?"

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