March 12, 2009

Prepare Vigilante Justice for the Money People

Please indulge me for a second and follow this:
One Hundred
One Thousand
Ten Thousand
One Hundred Thousand
One Million
Ten Million
One Hundred Million
One Billion
Ten Billion
One Hundred Billion
One Trillion. . . . .

You with me so far? I'll continue. . . . .

Ten Trillion
One Hundred Trillion
One Quadrillion . . . . .

The reason for this little exercise is simple. According to the Bank of International Settlements, Derivatives contracts in the world have now reached a value of. . . . . . . . .
One Hundred Twenty Eight Quadrillion Dollars

Why is this important? Because 95% of those derivatives are on "margin." Credit.

The economy of this planet is margined so far beyond any ability to pay that it will collapse under its own weight and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Who got us here? The Money People. The "masters-of-the-universe."

When it all comes crashing down, and it most assuredly will, what will this mean to you? The loss of absolutely everything. All your savings, all your reirement money (pension, IRA, 401K) your stocks, bonds, money market accounts, . . . . . everything.

You and me will be left absolutely destitute. Broke. Unable to buy or sell anything. Unable to get food to eat, gas to drive or medical care. . . . . it will all be gone.

So I pose this question: When this happens - and it is coming - what will you be prepared to do?

Speaking for myself, I can envision picking up a gun, walking up to some derivatives people and dispensing vigilante justice. Brutally. Mercilessly. Without shame or guilt.

If they destroy my life, I have an absolute right - and duty - to destroy theirs.

I put this idea of brutal vigilantism into the public consciousness because the number of us who will be wiped out is a million times more than those who caused this mess. We literally have them all surrounded. We outnumber them and outgun them; and their security forces.

I want to plant this seed in your mind so that when the shit hits the fan, you know what needs to happen.

Trust me when I tell you that if enough of us take out enough of them, mercilessly and brutally, we will send a message that will resound for a thousand years: Don't ever do what they did or you will get what they got. No doubts. No second guessing. No excuses. Just gone.

Think about it as you read the full details of our dire situation at the link below. Then prepare yourself mentally for what is coming and what needs to happen when it comes.

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