March 12, 2009

Soldiers REFUSE Orders to shoot protesters!

Madagascar -- The Army of Madagascar was ordered on Sunday to shoot unarmed civilian protesters marching for social change in that nation. The soldiers said they would no longer follow the government but instead, follow their hearts.

The same thing would happen here in the United States if our government chose the same disastrous course.

I personally know over a dozen US military members (some of whom are Officers) and they agree, they would never follow orders to attack their own civilians. They even went so far as to tell me other troops would "frag" any officer who ordered them to gun down their own citizens!

In fact, the situation at Kent State University during the Vietnam war wherein National Guardsmen gunned down 4 students at a massive protest, is still taught to the military to this very day as something they ought NEVER do.

This is the single most important element for all those politicians who wrongly believe they hold all the cards if push comes to shove about the way things are going in the USA. The politicians think the troops will simply carry out orders to shoot us; but the troops won't.

Before I provide the link to this story, I wish to caution you: The originating site is supportive of Marxism. I reject that ideology but follow the old adage "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." That's how I found the story.

Things being as they are in America these days, with talk of economic collapse leading to Martial Law, I was quite heartened by what the Madagascar troops refused to do and thought it worthy to pass along.

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