March 19, 2009


Washington, DC -- The federal government of thee United States is suffering complete economic collapse as no one in the world is willing to lend them any more money.

The situation is so dire that the feds are now openly "monetizing" their debt. What this means is that they are overtly physically printing cash for themselves to spend. Creating money out of thin air.

This is an absolute disaster of unimaginable proportions which will destroy the entire country within months.

Here's what's going on:

When the government needs to borrow money, it tells the US Treasury to hold an auction to get "x" amount of money. The Treasury holds the auction, offering various interest rates to various lenders and giving those lenders Treasury Bonds to cover what the government borrowed. Simple, right?

Lately, when the Treasury has been told to hold such auctions to borrow money, nobody has been coming to the auctions. Nobody is willing to lend any more money to our government.

UH OH! If no one will lend them money, how can they continue to overspend?

Answer: Have the federal reserve buy the Treasury Bonds!

The federal reserve is NOT part of the government. It is its own, private benk. It's been that way since it was formed in 1913.

The federal reserve (i'll call it "the fed" from now on) keeps the master computer which controls all the bank balance sheets. So the fed can make any deposit they want into their own accounts. It's totally unlimited because it's a computer entry. They can enter whatever they want.

So, the Congress tells Treasury, hold an auction. No one comes. So the Treasury goes to the federal reserve bank and says here's a bond for 300 Billion, give us the cash.

The fed calls the Mint, tells it to print $300 billion in federal reserve notes (what we all call cash.) The Mint prints the cash and delivers it to the fed. The fed hands it over to the treasury and the government then goes and spends it.

Each time they do this, they place more and more cash into circulation. This has the effect of lessening the value of all the other cash in circulation. You know, the cash that's in OUR wallets. In OUR bank accounts.

The result, inflation. If the cash is worth less, things cost more.

The next step is hyper inflation - where prices go up so fast, no one can keep up.

The final step, Weimar Republic/Zimbabwe. The money isn't worth anything except to use as toilet paper.

That's where we are heading. Right now.

Our own government is destroying the nation. It must be stopped by any means necessary.

They have already announced today that the fed will pump $1.3 TRILLION in new cash into the economy this coming week, and more after that.

We are witnessing our own government willfully destroying our nation. I firmly believe we will shortly find ourselves with no choice but to take-up arms and overthrow the United States government by force.

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