October 9, 2008

CONFIRMED: Bill White of Roanoke, VA is target of federal grand jury criminal investigation

At 9:30 PM tonight, I personally to spoke to a person who had been subpoenaed to appear before a federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA. That person did in fact appear today and was grilled about Bill White.

The Grand Jury is investigating at least two items:

1)Bill White publishing on the internet, the name and home address of a newspaper reporter, Leonard Pitts, AND;
2) Bill White's alleged involvement in "something else. . . . ."

The witness who was subpoenaed today and who spoke with me by phone tonight, had to drive from outside of Washington, DC to Roanoke. He told me there was at least one other witness also subpoenaed, who arrived at the federal Grand Jury from Ohio.

The witness told me the Grand Jury is looking very hard to find criminality, even going so far as to ask if the publication of someone's address is some sort of "code" to White Nationalists instructing them to go after a person.

The publication of the reporters name and address is only one aspect of the Grand Jury Investigation. Another aspect of the investigation has apparently yielded significant results which will likely be devastating to Bill White if and when an Indictment is issued.

While I know the nature of the devastating allegation, I choose not to reveal it at this time so as to allow the Grand Jury to continue its work.

The only thing I feel compelled to say to anyone involved with Bill White is get as far away from him as fast as you can.