October 9, 2008


On September 16, 2008 I reported on this blog that a back-office supervisor within the financial industry revealed to me that ninety one percent of the failed mortgages plaguing the system were given to "non-white people." (View that story here)

Today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reports bad mortgages were made to five million ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!! Figuring an average mortgage of $100,000 each, that totals five hundred billion in bad mortgages.

Congress approved $700 Billion in the senate bailout bill. . . . . . now you know what that money went to pay for -- illegal alien mortgages.

The fact that the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development knew this and did nothing to stop it is willful malfeasance. In fact, I say it was criminal facilitation.

I charge the Department of Housing and Urban development with criminally facilitating illegal aliens in massive fraud. I want the Secretary of HUD to resign immediately and then I want him arrested.

With the revelation of this news by KFYI Radio at the link below, we can safely blame all of our economic troubles on the very people that the Congress refuses to deport.

I say it is time to remove Congress from power. Their refusals to deal with illegal immigration has virtually wrecked our entire financial system.

We can dump the entire House of Representatives and a full 1/3 of the US Senate via the election next month.

BE WARNED: If the people who caused this problem are re-elected by ignorant Americans , then it may require educated Americans like us to remove them by "other means." We simply cannot allow the same group of people to continue ruling - and wrecking - our nation.

Vote out Congress; so we don't have to "take them out."
Read the KFYI Story here