October 9, 2008

Rumors of Martial Law; Troops deployed inside U.S.A.; Conflict & Revolution

There's the potential for huge trouble on the horizon inside America. Let me lay some groundwork to explain it to you, then tell you why we don't have to worry.

As many of you may have heard over the past week, members of the U.S. Congress were threatened with the imposition of Martial Law in America if they did not pass a bailout Bill. If you had not yet heard about that threat, the video below of Congressman Brad Sherman on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives will provide you with proof:

As many of you may have also heard over the past few weeks, President Bush ordered the 3rd Infantry Divisions 1st Brigade Combat Team to deploy its 3200 soldiers inside the United States for "emergencies" or civil unrest.

According to various Presidential Decision Directives (PDD's) one of the reasons the President may now use troops inside the USA is for "economic emergencies."

Within the past few days, a lot of you have learned that a classified document is circulating inside Congress called "C&R" which discusses the ramifications of a US Default on its national debt:

C = Conflict
R = Revolution

If the USA defaults on its debts, Congress is being told such an action would result in "Conflict" (war) with China because they stand to lose the most; two and one-half trillion Dollars in cash they possess through the trade imbalance over the past 15 years.

If the USA de-monetizes the dollar because it collapses as a currency, Congress is being told such an action would result in the American people rising up in "Revolution."

So . . . . .

There's clearly the potential for frightening trouble here inside the U.S. and before it happens, we need to figure out what We The People are going to do. I'm here to help!

In this nation, there are 95 Million lawful gun-owners, who possess over 212 Million lawful firearms. If only five percent (5%) of us gun owners decide we have had enough of the government, we would outnumber the entire Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Police, Sheriifs, the FBI, BATF and every other alphabet agency by more than 5 to 1.

Given the fact that more than three quarters of our entire military is deployed outside the country, the numbers only get better for We The People!

To be very blunt, if our own troops are ordered to come after their fellow citizens and make the sad mistake of actually trying to do that, we could cut through them like a hot knife through butter. We know it. They know it. I doubt they will commit suicide by trying to attack their own citizens.

We have allies inside the military and inside law enforcement. We are assured complete access to their communications systems, voice encryption codes and password of the day. We will know every move they intend to make before they make it.

For quite some time, certain members of the military have been willing to illegally sell military weapons such as armor piercing ammunition, anti-personnel mines, surface to air missiles and anti-tank weapons to patriots who have foreseen this confrontation.

As such, if our military makes the sad mistake of trying to attack its own citizens, they most definitely would face some of their own weaponry; not a very appealing concept.

So, America, fear not. We The People will retain control of this country and of its government regardless of what the government wants. Some of us may have to fight to retain that control. Some of us may have to die to retain that control. But maintain it we will.

The only thing YOU need to start asking yourself is if YOU are ready to stand up for liberty the way our Founding Fathers did? It could mean losing your life.

I have decided that I am willing to die for liberty and to assure that my child lives in a free America. I hope you find the courage to stand with me and the millions of others who already know in their hearts that there is no other choice. Dying on your feet is better than living on your knees.