October 7, 2008

Federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA issues subpoenas to WN

It has come to my attention that a federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA has issued subpoenas to WN hundreds of miles away, demanding those people show up this Thursday morning by 9:00 AM.

With money tight and fuel very expensive, I think it important to cite 28 U.S.C. 1821 which REQUIRES witnesses who are subpoenaed to be paid $40 per day plus .50 and 1/2 cents per mile round trip AND THE WITNESS FEES MUST ACCOMPANY THE SUBPOENA.

They have to pay you in advance, when they serve you with the subpoena and if the fee does not accompany the subpoena, then the serving of that subpoena upon you is INVALID and you do not have to attend.

It appears that once again the self-annointed "commander" is causing problems for real WN.

Details about prepayment of witness fees here