October 16, 2008


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following information has been designated as "CLASSIFIED" by the United States Government. It was provided to me by a government employee who is angry that such "big brother" methods are being employed in the United States. The employee warned me that if revealed, the government would deny the information for fear of public backlash. He also warned that I might be arrested if I report this information to the public because the info has been deemed vital to our national security.

The November election is rapidly approaching and I have been made aware of certain remarkable and very disturbing technologies that I am told are going to be used at polling places throughout America next month.

Thanks to high speed internet, wireless internet and even satellite-based internet through DirectTV/HughesNet, this years election will mark a radical change in how some of our national problems are addressed.

This year, when a person walks into a polling place anywhere in America and announces their name to the poll workers, hidden microphones will feed the audio to several clerks in another area of the polling place.

The clerks will be out of sight so voters don't know they exist and will have headphones on to hear the names. The clerks will be seated in front of a newly designed computer connected to a "Virtual Private Network" which can instantly look up the following:

1) Is the Voter actually registered to vote?
2) Is the address from which they are registered a real and functioning address or a phony/abandoned one?
3) The voting machine itself will be equipped with a hidden camera to grab a face photo of
each voter and put that photo, with their specific name into a facial-recognition database, AND;
4) Determine if this registered voter actually cast a vote already? (Facial recognition software cannot be fooled by makeup or disguises so the system will know if one "face" has cast votes under different names!)

While that seems like a really decent way to prevent election fraud, the new system goes a LOT farther.

Thanks to the connectivity of the internet and lots of computer programming paid for with Anti Terrorism Funding over the last six years, the the new system will also check the following:

5) Is the Voter wanted by police or the courts for traffic or criminal Warrants?
6) Is the voter a "Dead beat Dad" who has not paid Child Support?
7) Has the voter failed to file or pay Income Taxes over the past few years?
8) Has the Voter defaulted on Student Loan Repayments?
9) Is the Voter an Illegal Alien or an immigrant who overstayed a Visa?

In less then one minute, Computers in the County Board of Elections, will interface with computers in the County Board of Taxation, the State Crime Information Center (SCIC) the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) the National Child Support Database, The IRS, the National Student Loan Collection Computer and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to find out instantly if the Voter is "a problem" and if so, the system will automatically alert local police to respond to that Polling Place, even sending a photo of the Voter for Police to arrest!

In theory, as the voter walks out of the polling place, they get caught and a lot of the problems facing our nation will be dealt with. Since the voter will have been able to cast a ballot before being grabbed, no will will be able to claim being disenfranchised by this Orwellian effort! Real slick, eh?

I hope each of you will take this opportunity to spread word of this far and wide so everyone can know our government is going too far.