October 18, 2008

My turn for "lulz" NJ Teen arrested for DDOS attacks; "ANONYMOUS" got caught!

In December 2006 into January 2007, a group calling itself "Anonymous" attacked my former web site server with thousands of computers from around the world with the intent to take it and my internet radio show, offline.

Their Distributed Denial-Of-Service (Ddos) attacks launched over 640 Megabits per second at my server, which instantly overwhelmed its then 100 megabits per second connection, taking my web site offline and wrecking my radio show week after week after week.

The flood of malicious data was so devastating that it affected many other clients in the New Jersey data center which housed my server, that the data center canceled my colocation contract and threw my server out!

It took several months to find a new data center and when I found one, I upgraded to a 1 Gigabit per second connection which, thankfully, "Anonymous" was never able to take down again.

During the course of these attacks, I asked the FBI to investigate, they didn't. So I filed a federal lawsuit against the people I believed were committin the attacks, but that suit did not help.

Finally, "anonymous" got bored and targetted someone else.

News out today indicates that at least one 18 year old from New Jersey, has been Indicted by a federal Grand Jury, for doing to someone else, what "Anonymous" did to me. Looks like Anonymous isn;t so anonymous after all.

Hey anonymouse: you've been pwned!

I am enjoying this more than I can say!!!

Details here

Indictment Here