March 12, 2009

Invitation to Low Power FM radio stations. . . . .

As announced below, "The Hal Turner Show" will return to the airwaves on Wednesday, March 25 at 9:00 PM Eastern US time.

In the past, the show was carried LIVE on 67 low-power FM stations throughout the United States. The show fulfills the low-power FM mandate of "community-based content" because it is a talk show wherein no topic is taboo and no opinions are censored. As such, local callers can call-in and talk about local issues. Your station can garner more audience and better ratings by carrying the show.

If you own a low-power FM station, or know someone who does, please consider carrying "The Hal Turner Show" when it relaunches on March 25. There are no fees payable in connection with carrying the show, which means you get two full hours of talk-radio at no cost to your station.

If you care to let me know that your station will be carrying the show, kindly telephone me at 201-484-0060 and feel free to leave a message.