March 11, 2009


North Bergen, NJ -- After about eight months off the air, I am pleased to announce the return of "The Hal Turner Show" and the Turner Radio Network. Not only will the show air once again on FM radio, it will again be carried LIVE via the internet so folks can tune-in, LIVE, from anywhere!

My show will return on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM eastern US time. Its focus will be slightly different, this time dealing mostly with issues economic and political, but you the listener will enjoy the ability to speak about other issues that, as always, are important to you!

UPDATE, March 12, 2009 -- I have been specifically warned by aggressive and sleazy political operatives NOT to talk about the citizenship and eligibility of Barack Obama to be President of the United States. As such, I will defy that demand and make Obama's eligibility - or rather lack thereof -- a central part of my show! I like being defiant.

I will also talk about upcoming HR 45 which would require ALL gun owners to get licenses or give up the guns they already own. In addition, I will talk about a Bill which would give to the US Attorney General, the sole authority to BAN certain types of firearms.

I will also talk about H.R. 1955 the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act" making its way into our lives. It is possibly the single greatest assault on our freedoms ever passed in the USA, which actually defines "thoughts" as "crimes."

------- End of Update

Between now and March 25, I will have a server collocated back into a data center and have my original web site, reactivated. When the site is brought back, in addition to the regular news and opinion content it provided in the past, it will also provide a fully functional Message forum similar to VNN Forum and Stormfront, but without the heavy handed moderation or outright betrayal of users.

Also returning will be the following shows:
"End Day Prophecy Hour" Pastor James P. Wickstrom

"Think Tank" with Paul Gellar

"Survival School for the Common Man" with Ron from Connecticut

as well as several other shows with hosts Gordon Young, Jay Faber and more!

I am reaching out to other former broadcasters and hope many of them will choose to return also.

Like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, this rebirth of my show and the network was only possible because four (4) people contributed enough money over the past two months, to pay the costs for a single, full month of shows.

Whether this endeavor is able to continue beyond a full month is solely up to you, the listener. We need 200 people to commit to donating $5 each per month.

I know the economy sucks. I know times are tough. But right now, there isn't even a single voice anywhere in the "main stream" media that forecast the present economic troubles as accurately as we did, or as early as we did.

Right now, there isn't even a single voice in the main stream media daring to speak about the far worse things that are coming down the road here in America like:

Race riots,
Food riots
Violent revolution in the USA rising to the level of a second Civil War

One man told me the other day that he was listening to archives of my shows from two years ago (2007) and it was like reading a newspaper from TODAY. We were THAT accurate!

As things continue to fall apart here in America and elsewhere in the civilized world, the general public needs a source for accurate information on what's coming and how to survive it. We can be that source.

So, spread the word. "The Hal Turner Show" returns Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM eastern US time. We need 200 people to commit to donating $5 each month to keep it all going.

PayPal / Google / Advertisers are not an option

For those not familiar, I CANNOT accept PayPal because the Oy Vey crowd and their sycophants have any such accounts shut down in less than one day; "Unacceptable content." Then they sit on the money for 6 months before releasing it, so PayPal is out.

Similarly, Google Business does not allow "solicitation of funds" through their service, so I cannot use that payment service either.

Advertisers are far too timid to run ads on my show. While everyone says they support free speech, potential advertisers view the show as "too controversial" to advertise on. (Yea, the truth is REAL controversial!)

I have applied for a new Merchant Account with my Bank to once again directly accept credit cards the way any other Merchant does, but that application has not yet been approved. If it is, I'll let you know.

In the mean time, those of you who can send donations early, please do so. Mail cash, check or money order to:
Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

If we can get a month or so AHEAD, it will be a tremendous relief for all of us knowing that things will be properly funded.