November 4, 2008

USA Commits National Suicide; elects Obama President

As I write it is 11:00 PM on the east coast of the US and all polling places in the United States have closed. Barack Obama has won election as America's 44th President and the first Black man to ever hold that office.

Our nation committed suicide tonight.

The Republican Party has been destroyed. They deserved it.

The GOP allowed neo-cons and Zionists to control the party and the neo-cons/zionists lead us right over a cliff.

They waged illegal war in Iraq based upon deliberate lies and when the lies were exposed, they CONTINUED waging illegal war.

The Republicans spent years catering to big business, and, under the guise of "free trade" allowed literally millions of US jobs to be exported overseas. They cared nothing about "the little people." The little people struck back tonight.

The Republicans then made the utterly indefensible mistake of offering John McCain as the nominee; a man whose betrayals in Vietnam are well known. A man who repeatedly defied the will of his own constituents by voting in favor of Amnesty for illegal aliens. The GOP thought that McCain, being a "moderate" could inspire the electorate to vote GOP. They were wrong.

The public viewed McCain as being another 4 years of Bush; and Bush is HATED both here in our country and around the world.

When the economy tanked, no one in the GOP had balls enough to lay the blame on liberal policies of giving mortgages to illegal aliens; 5 million mortgages totaling over $500 Billion, which they defaulted upon, taking most of our financial markets with them.

The failure to put the blame where it belonged made it easy for the Socialist Democrats to place blame on Bush and the GOP. The socialist democrats lied over and over, but no republican had balls enough to say the truth.

The items above are NOT the worst of it. When the new Congress and President are sworn in, they will almost immediately grant Amnesty to 12-30 million illegal aliens already here. Those aliens will vote. . . . . and keep the GOP out of power for the next fifty years.

America committed national suicide tonight because we turned control of this nation over to inferior people who, in the history of the world, have never created or maintained the kind of advanced nation that we White people created here.

America committed national suicide by allowing millions of illegal aliens and other non-citizens, to vote and get away with it. Again, republicans were afraid to be called racists by demanding enforcement of the law while socialist democrats were willing to lie, cheat and multiple-register ineligible people to steal the election.

The future of America is lost unless . . . . . and this is the only hope . . . . .
the economy is systematically and deliberately sabotaged to cause an economic depression for the next 4 years. Only economic depression would open the electorate up to looking to the GOP again.

If an economic depression does not take place, Republicans will NEVER see majorities in Congress and NEVER occupy the White house.

Regardless of what the economy does, the leadership of the Republican Party must -- MUST -- be viciously, even brutally removed from party power. They have presided over the literal destruction of the GOP.

If I had my way, I would line up the GOP leadership from every city, county and state and cut their heads off. On second thought, that's too much effort for this trash. A bullet for each will do just fine.

In the meantime, those of us who saw this coming will get a few laughs. . . . Uncle Sam has just become Uncle Sambo.