March 5, 2009

Update on Grade Fraud in Fort Lee, NJ

Fort Lee, NJ -- Earlier this week it emerged that adult staffers inside Fort Lee High School have been changing grades of students to help them get into prestigious colleges. (Original story HERE)

When the public found out, the reaction was swift anger. Parents demanded to know who had perpetrated the fraud -- which went on for six years -- and who benefited from the fraud? Strangely, no answers were forthcoming from the District Superintendent who admitted finding out about this at least six or seven months ago!

Today, I can report that the fraud was perpetrated by a small group of adult employees which included teachers, at least one guidance counselor and at least one administrator, all of whom share a single thing in common: They are all Jewish.

I can also report about the students who were helped by the fraudulent grades. The students all share a single thing in common: They are all Jewish, too.

This information is allegedly being suppressed by "the powers that be" for fear of causing a backlash, but information is getting out through back channels and now it is here for all to read.

I can also report that the students whose grades were forged, knew about it! At least one former Fort Lee H.S. student told me "The Jewish kids willingly took part in the fraud because they wanted to gain an advantage over White and Korean kids they went to school with. "

The Board of Education has suspended the school Principal Jay Berman, (who is allegedly Jewish) and local police are investigating to see if criminal charges should be filed.

More details as this story continues to unfold.