October 10, 2008

I was declared a "suspected terrorist" by Maryland State Police

I was totally stunned today when the US Postal Service delivered a certified letter to me from the Maryland State Police.

Read the letter and ask yourself how a talk radio host who lives and works in New Jersey, could get on such a list in Maryland?

Ask yourself how I, who was Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corp on 16 Sept 80 and who never raised a closed fist to this nation, could end up on such a list?

Even more incredible is that they admit in their letter that they declared me "suspected of involvement with terrorism" even though they had no evidence whatsoever of me being involved in ANY crime!!

It turns out that I am one of fifty three (53) people they did this to even though I don't live in their state!

If it can happen to me it can happen to you. Click the image to enlarge it.

Then read this story on FOX News which describes how they did this same thing to two Nuns. Yea, you read that correctly, Nuns. The Nun story is Here


While I was doing my radio show from 2000 to 2008, I railed against things like inter-racial couples and mixed-race children, black crime, illegal aliens and the like. Needless to say, this riled the politically-correct crowd.

It turns out that apparently, Maryland Governor O"Mally, while he was Mayor of Baltimore, pulled an "Oliver Shagnasty" and allegedly boned a negress who later gave birth to mixed-race twins!

I am told that the negress decided to move to New York City where, low and behold, she was allegedly run-over by a car and killed in what remains an "unsolved" hit and run accident.

Could it be that Oliver Shagnasty decided to misuse the terrorism database to exact revenge upon me for my political, social and cultural views against race-mixing? That certainly makes more sense than any other explanation.

I guess we'll see. More details as they become available.

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Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Friday that world leaders might consider suspending stock markets in response to the financial meltdown.

Berlusconi told a press conference in Naples that EU leaders may hold a summit on the crisis Sunday in Paris. He also said leaders from the Group of Eight also were considering a summit in the coming days.

The solutions to the crisis will have to be "global and innovative," Berlusconi said. "There is talk of suspending the markets" while international financial rules are "rewritten."

Editors Note: If this is done, those of you with stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc., will not be able to access ANY of your money. Get out this afternoon!!!

Full details here


Offering bribes of cigarettes or even cash, the left-wing group ACORN has been exposed in massive voter fraud, having registered 1 voter 72 times!

Need I bother to say who they want him to vote for? "That one."

Clearly, the intent of the left is to steal the election. I think it might be wise for the general public to pay a visit to their nearest ACORN office and make certain the office is . . . . . . not able . . . . . . to do this anymore.
Details Here

For a convenient list of ACORN offices, click here

Black Friday: US Stocks to plunge, Lehman derivatives to unwind; Dozens of banks may fail with credit default swaps

Today could be the beginning of the end as "the perfect storm" of financial bad news comes together.

As of 9:15 AM Eastern US time, Asian and European stock markets are in chaos with double-digit percentage losses that have been so profound, that exchanges in Austria, Russia, Australia and Indonesia SUSPENDED all trading!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is already expected to open "sharply lower."

At 2:00 PM EDT today, the final price of the Lehman Brothers credit default swaps will be publicly released by the Bankruptcy court, which will tell everyone who insured against a Lehman default, how badly they must pony-up. The unraveling of those Lehman derivatives could take out a number of large US banks.

The US stock market opens at 9:30 AM today; it's going to be a wild day.

October 9, 2008

CONFIRMED: Bill White of Roanoke, VA is target of federal grand jury criminal investigation

At 9:30 PM tonight, I personally to spoke to a person who had been subpoenaed to appear before a federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA. That person did in fact appear today and was grilled about Bill White.

The Grand Jury is investigating at least two items:

1)Bill White publishing on the internet, the name and home address of a newspaper reporter, Leonard Pitts, AND;
2) Bill White's alleged involvement in "something else. . . . ."

The witness who was subpoenaed today and who spoke with me by phone tonight, had to drive from outside of Washington, DC to Roanoke. He told me there was at least one other witness also subpoenaed, who arrived at the federal Grand Jury from Ohio.

The witness told me the Grand Jury is looking very hard to find criminality, even going so far as to ask if the publication of someone's address is some sort of "code" to White Nationalists instructing them to go after a person.

The publication of the reporters name and address is only one aspect of the Grand Jury Investigation. Another aspect of the investigation has apparently yielded significant results which will likely be devastating to Bill White if and when an Indictment is issued.

While I know the nature of the devastating allegation, I choose not to reveal it at this time so as to allow the Grand Jury to continue its work.

The only thing I feel compelled to say to anyone involved with Bill White is get as far away from him as fast as you can.


On September 16, 2008 I reported on this blog that a back-office supervisor within the financial industry revealed to me that ninety one percent of the failed mortgages plaguing the system were given to "non-white people." (View that story here)

Today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reports bad mortgages were made to five million ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!! Figuring an average mortgage of $100,000 each, that totals five hundred billion in bad mortgages.

Congress approved $700 Billion in the senate bailout bill. . . . . . now you know what that money went to pay for -- illegal alien mortgages.

The fact that the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development knew this and did nothing to stop it is willful malfeasance. In fact, I say it was criminal facilitation.

I charge the Department of Housing and Urban development with criminally facilitating illegal aliens in massive fraud. I want the Secretary of HUD to resign immediately and then I want him arrested.

With the revelation of this news by KFYI Radio at the link below, we can safely blame all of our economic troubles on the very people that the Congress refuses to deport.

I say it is time to remove Congress from power. Their refusals to deal with illegal immigration has virtually wrecked our entire financial system.

We can dump the entire House of Representatives and a full 1/3 of the US Senate via the election next month.

BE WARNED: If the people who caused this problem are re-elected by ignorant Americans , then it may require educated Americans like us to remove them by "other means." We simply cannot allow the same group of people to continue ruling - and wrecking - our nation.

Vote out Congress; so we don't have to "take them out."
Read the KFYI Story here

Rumors of Martial Law; Troops deployed inside U.S.A.; Conflict & Revolution

There's the potential for huge trouble on the horizon inside America. Let me lay some groundwork to explain it to you, then tell you why we don't have to worry.

As many of you may have heard over the past week, members of the U.S. Congress were threatened with the imposition of Martial Law in America if they did not pass a bailout Bill. If you had not yet heard about that threat, the video below of Congressman Brad Sherman on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives will provide you with proof:

As many of you may have also heard over the past few weeks, President Bush ordered the 3rd Infantry Divisions 1st Brigade Combat Team to deploy its 3200 soldiers inside the United States for "emergencies" or civil unrest.

According to various Presidential Decision Directives (PDD's) one of the reasons the President may now use troops inside the USA is for "economic emergencies."

Within the past few days, a lot of you have learned that a classified document is circulating inside Congress called "C&R" which discusses the ramifications of a US Default on its national debt:

C = Conflict
R = Revolution

If the USA defaults on its debts, Congress is being told such an action would result in "Conflict" (war) with China because they stand to lose the most; two and one-half trillion Dollars in cash they possess through the trade imbalance over the past 15 years.

If the USA de-monetizes the dollar because it collapses as a currency, Congress is being told such an action would result in the American people rising up in "Revolution."

So . . . . .

There's clearly the potential for frightening trouble here inside the U.S. and before it happens, we need to figure out what We The People are going to do. I'm here to help!

In this nation, there are 95 Million lawful gun-owners, who possess over 212 Million lawful firearms. If only five percent (5%) of us gun owners decide we have had enough of the government, we would outnumber the entire Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Police, Sheriifs, the FBI, BATF and every other alphabet agency by more than 5 to 1.

Given the fact that more than three quarters of our entire military is deployed outside the country, the numbers only get better for We The People!

To be very blunt, if our own troops are ordered to come after their fellow citizens and make the sad mistake of actually trying to do that, we could cut through them like a hot knife through butter. We know it. They know it. I doubt they will commit suicide by trying to attack their own citizens.

We have allies inside the military and inside law enforcement. We are assured complete access to their communications systems, voice encryption codes and password of the day. We will know every move they intend to make before they make it.

For quite some time, certain members of the military have been willing to illegally sell military weapons such as armor piercing ammunition, anti-personnel mines, surface to air missiles and anti-tank weapons to patriots who have foreseen this confrontation.

As such, if our military makes the sad mistake of trying to attack its own citizens, they most definitely would face some of their own weaponry; not a very appealing concept.

So, America, fear not. We The People will retain control of this country and of its government regardless of what the government wants. Some of us may have to fight to retain that control. Some of us may have to die to retain that control. But maintain it we will.

The only thing YOU need to start asking yourself is if YOU are ready to stand up for liberty the way our Founding Fathers did? It could mean losing your life.

I have decided that I am willing to die for liberty and to assure that my child lives in a free America. I hope you find the courage to stand with me and the millions of others who already know in their hearts that there is no other choice. Dying on your feet is better than living on your knees.

October 7, 2008

Federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA issues subpoenas to WN

It has come to my attention that a federal Grand Jury in Roanoke, VA has issued subpoenas to WN hundreds of miles away, demanding those people show up this Thursday morning by 9:00 AM.

With money tight and fuel very expensive, I think it important to cite 28 U.S.C. 1821 which REQUIRES witnesses who are subpoenaed to be paid $40 per day plus .50 and 1/2 cents per mile round trip AND THE WITNESS FEES MUST ACCOMPANY THE SUBPOENA.

They have to pay you in advance, when they serve you with the subpoena and if the fee does not accompany the subpoena, then the serving of that subpoena upon you is INVALID and you do not have to attend.

It appears that once again the self-annointed "commander" is causing problems for real WN.

Details about prepayment of witness fees here

Thursday is "D-Day" . . . . . as in Derivatives

UPDATE: Thursday, October 9, 2008 1:15 PM EDT. . . . . The settlement of Lehman default swaps has been re-scheduled. It will take place tomorrow, Friday, October 10 with the final info released at 2:00 PM EDT. . . . .

This Thursday, derivatives of Lehman Brothers get settled. With the huge default that took place when Lehman filed Bankruptcy, credit default swaps are going to have to pay out billions.

Analysts are saying that the credit default swap folks will have to pay out at least 15 to 20 cents on the dollar for Lehman's bad debt. In reality, they could have to pay much more. These payouts could bring down the entire derivatives house of cards; including many big banks.

In anticipation of this problem, the fed has doubled the amount it lends overnight to banks. They doubled it last week, so they know a real problem is coming and they're trying to smooth it out.

Whether things fall apart this Thursday or Friday remains to be seen but it doesn't look good. Hold on to your hats, folks, it's going to be a wild ride.

1 Week After Taxpayer bailout, AIG Execs Party at California Resort

Less than a week after the federal government committed $85 billion to bail out AIG, executives of the giant insurance company headed for a week-long retreat at a luxury resort and spa, the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, California, Congressional investigators revealed today.

"Rooms at this resort can cost over $1,000 a night," Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) said this morning as his committee continued its investigation of Wall Street and its CEOs.

AIG documents obtained by Waxman's investigators show the company paid more than $440,000 for the retreat, including nearly $200,000 for rooms, $150,000 for meals and $23,000 in spa charges. "Their getting their pedicures and their manicures and the American people are paying for that," said Cong. Elijah Cummings(D-MD).

AIG CEO Robert Willumstad and former CEO Martin Sullivan are both scheduled to testify today.

October 6, 2008

Massive miscalculation by Jewish folk will be the destruction of the state of Israel

The present financial meltdown is a product of deliberate action by those who control the banking and finance sectors of most national economies. We all know who "they" are.

The reason "they" chose to cause this worldwide financial meltdown has to do with the state of Israel. You see, Zionists wanted - then demanded - the west attack Iran to destroy its nuclear power plants because the Zionists fear those plants will allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb.

When the West refused to attack Iran, the Israel demanded permission from the West to conduct such attacks itself. When the West refused to give permission, the Zionists privately threatened to meltdown the economy of every nation that refused. Those threats fell on deaf ears so the Zionists carried out their threat.

There's just one problem: The Zionists didn't figure that the failing economy would cause such a backlash that Barak Hussein Obama would be elected President of the United States. Obama presently leads John McCain by about 5 points nationally.

This miscalculation on the part of the Zionists will prove their undoing.

Barak Hussein Obama, a Muslim by nurture, has made it known to his inner circle that if he is elected, he will instruct the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to refuse to Veto UN Security Council resolutions regarding the state of Israel.

As of today, October 6, 2008, Israel is in violation of more UN Security Council resolutions than any other country on earth. No enforcement actions have ever been taken by the UN because the U.S. has always vetoed all such efforts.

With a Muslim-friendly US President, Israel will have no one in the UN to Veto enforcement of existing UN resolutions. Those existing resolutions would dramatically reduce the present size of Israel from its present 33,000 Square miles, back down to its original 7,500 square miles (about the size of New Jersey.)

Those resolutions would set up a separate, sovereign Palestinian state.

If Israel refuses to abide, there won't be anyone to veto an enforcement action. The Arabs will be free to impose a solution by force because a Muslim-friendly U.S. President will not send U.S. Troops to support Israel if they are attacked. In fact, a Muslim-friendly U.S. President would probably be inclined to attack Israel if they used their nuclear arsenal against the Arabs!

I initially had severe reservations about allowing a black to be U.S. President, but I think a lot of good can come of it. The Zionists will (finally) be put in their place. The jews will stop using blacks as their weapon against Whites because of all the animosity Obama will generate over the Israel thing. Oh, and when the economy busts. . . . . . . as it is headed into doing. . . . . . we can blame it on the black guy!

Not bad, eh?


The London Telegraph newspaper is reporting the world faces extreme danger. The paper says "Unless there is immediate intervention on every front by all the major powers acting in concert, we risk a disintegration of global finance within days. Nobody will be spared, unless they own gold." Details Here

This news comes on the heels of the US Stock market plunging a record 800 points today. . . . .
Details Here

CNBC financial guru, Cramer***, is urging investors to get out of the stock market right now if the money they have in the market will be needed to live on at anytime in the next five years!!!
Details Here

*** Warning: Cramer appears to be part of the "money-changer" crowd; perhaps a descendant of the folks that Jesus Christ threw out of the Temple 2000 years ago. As such, he may be telling you to get out because he has positions that will earn him big bucks if you do get out, so his advice might not be good to follow. If there is one thing my life experience has taught me its that the "oy vey crowd" only serves their own self interests; so beware

October 5, 2008


Ever wonder how it is that our nation, with all its spy satellites, communications intercept capabilities and enormous electronic surveillance capacity hasn't been able to locate Osama Bin Laden for seven years?

Turns out, we actually DID locate him; in Tora Bora, in 2001. We sent a team of Delta Force commandos in to get him and when they were within 2000 yards . . . . . . someone very high up inside our government called off the plan!

At the link below, you can read this compelling account by the US Army Major who was assigned to carry out the mission and was personally there!

Clearly our nation has been betrayed by people inside either US Central Command, inside the CIA or Bush/Cheney; there's just one problem: The government has never revealed - and says it will never reveal - who it was that ordered the mission stopped.

"Why would they nix the mission?" you ask? It's simple. If Bin Laden was caught or killed, the war on terrorism would have been cut short. That would mean no more bogey man. No more terrorist maniac to fear. That would translate into years of less - or zero - spending on the war and possible repeal of the draconian, Constitution-shredding laws that have been enacted since 2001.

It's all about money and control folks. Make you scared, keep you scared and spend spend spend.

The people who nixed the mission deserve to be captured and dealt with. Right here in America.
Since government won't reveal who they are, it's time to start going one by one through the chain of command of US Centcom and the CIA.

We need to find these people and, when we have them within arms reach, make them talk; by whatever means that takes. Since our government seems to think highly of it, water-boarding comes to mind!

You see, when we track these folks down - and we can - we'll be able to confront them in a place and at a time where they aren't protected. Once we know who did what, we can do what truly needs to be done.

You guys from U.S. Centcom who were in charge during the Tora Bora mission would do well to start looking over your shoulder.

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